Race Information

From the Organisers:

Good Afternoon Ladies and Gents

Thanks for taking the time and effort to enter the TRIATHLON PLUS SA TRI which also doubles as the KZN TRI Champs for 2018.

We look forward to a successful race on Sunday and hope you all enjoy the racing. Just a few mentions so you are IN THE KNOW in advance of race day.

  • Registration will be open between 5:45am – 6:45am. You will be sms’ed your race number by finishtime – keep this number handy for registration purposes
  • Each athlete will receive a timing chip – please keep this chip on during the race at all times – don’t lose the chip – if you fail to finish the event, please make sure the chip is returned – hand the chip over when you cross the finish line
  • Please bring your own swim caps along (preferably brightly coloured ones) – no race belts required as we will be using chips and body-marking only for each athlete
  • Don’t arrive late and expect to be registered please. Our team will stop the REG process at 6:45am so we can concentrate on the events which start up at 7am
  • Make sure your bike is working 100% and you have a helmet that is approved – The officials check all of this before you enter the transition zone. Bring Swim cap with for the check-in


  • YOUTH RACE Pre-Race Briefing 6:45am at the transition zone - RACE START for Youth 7am SHARP
  • SPRINT RACE and OLYMPIC Pre-Race Briefing 7:45am at the transition zone – RACE START for the Sprint 8am SHARP – the OLYMPIC RACE will commence as the last sprint triathletes exit the water
  • Please ensure bikes are checked into the transition zone when it opens (normally 5:45am until 7am when it will close for the YOUTH Event. No bikes will be allowed into transition after that so come early – rack your bike and go relax until your start times
  • WETSUITS: a ruling will only be made on the morning of the event by the KZN Officials – 6am more than likely – please bring your suits with just in case but judging by tradition over the last 4 previous events at this time of year, its normally warm enough to warrant a non-wetsuit swim but as mentioned, this call is only taken on race morning and not before
  • ALL races are NON DRAFT – any bikes (TT/TRI/ROAD) are permitted – the Technical KZN REF will brief you on the rules around drafting but it’s pretty simple to understand – this will be done at pre-race briefing
  • MASS STARTS for all events – we don’t have thousands of competitors at this event so you will not be swum over – Ladies and Gents start together for all 3 separate events


  • This will be explained on Sunday but for the regulars, the course will remain the same as for the last 3 previous years
  • Youth swim is an out and back 400m
  • Sprint and Olympic – a triangular course measuring 750m – sprint guys do 1 loop/Olympic guys do 2 loops
  • Youth cycle is an out and back 10km course (5km out – 5km back) inside the confines of the resort making it pretty safe for the cyclists
  • Sprint Athletes will do 2 loops of 10km on the cycle (route to be explained on the weekend)
  • Olympic Athletes will do 4 loops of 10km on the cycle
  • Youth run is an out and back 2.5km (1.25 turn point)
  • Sprint is an out and back 5km (2.5km turn point)
  • Olympic Run route is the same route as the sprint guys, only you do 2 loops


  • This will commence as soon as the last athletes cross the line in the Olympic Distance Race – normally around 11h30
  • I know the YOUTH parent especially will have already been there for some time so if you cannot stay – let the KZN TRI officials know at the timing desk so we can mark you down as having had to leave and we can get the medals to your kids somehow
  • They however I am sure would love to be called up to collect their medals so parents, maybe make a plan to either spend the morning at the dam relaxing or go catch a breakfast and then come back for the prize-giving


We have an exciting new sponsor coming to the event, Science in Sport, and they have offered athletes racing on Sunday a special discount. Keith will be at the event on Sunday to assist our athletes with some much needed nutrition on the route but for now, on-line specials for KZN entrants only are as follows:

  • The promotion code on www.fuelme.co.zs is KZN2018TRI – the athletes can use the promotion code until 30th January and get a 25% discount off full purchase amount

ZONE 3 Along with Durban Runner will be in attendance with their killer wetsuit and apparel range from the ZONE 3 brand which is one of the leading TRI brands in the world

  • Wetsuits
  • Goggles
  • Tri tops/Tri pants/Tri suits – all on offer come this Sunday at the dam – bring cash – come shop for last minute special needs..

We have some other great sponsors who literally make this race happen – MiWay Life, Time Freight, Busamed Private Hospital in Hillcrest and Jersey Cow Co – thanks to these guys, we have the financial capacity to run this event…

Lastly, Ezemvelo KZN WILDLIFE who operate the Midmar Dam resort require all of us to pay an entry fee upon arrival - please don’t moan at us – this is something we cannot control or defer– Day visitors pay a small fee to gain entrance into the dam so bring some cash with you

We look forward to seeing you all on Sunday morning bright and early

All the best in advance

Glen and Gerrie