Enter KZN Triathlon Champs 2018

Please read the instructions in red below the form.

To prove that you are not bionic or robotic, please type in the word 'triathlon' in capital letters.
You only have one shot at this, or you will have to fill the whole page in again!


Please read:

SA ID Number

  • Enter your full 13-digit SA Identity number - as entered into the TSA database.
  • The system will obtain your birthdate and gender from your SA ID number and try to locate your general information from the KZNTA database.
  • Should you not have an SA ID number, use your passport number. You will then need to fill in your birthdate and gender manually.
  • Please be accurate!

TSA License Number

  • This needs to be your 2018 license number!
  • Enter your full TSA License number - It should look like "KZN/1234/18" - as obtained from TSA.
  • If the system rejects your TSA number and you are sure your number is valid, enter "NONE" and contact support immediately. (trichamps2018@kzntriathlon.co.za or webmaster@kzntriathlon.co.za)
    Remember: 2018 license number!
  • If you do not have a TSA Number:
    • Enter the word "NONE" in the TSA License Number field
    • A Day License will be charged
    • You will NOT be eligible for KZN Champs, but may still participate in the race.

Email address

  • Enter a valid email address.
  • This will be used to confirm your entry and send you race details.